FAQ and Guide:

The best way to get the answers to your questions is to talk with us about them.

Q:   "Why should we use your services?"

We provide independent valuations, good value, and your privacy is assured.

If you're looking for expertise, experience, confidentiality and good value in assessing plant and machinery, contact us.

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Q:   "Can you value . . . (item)?"

Over the years we have valued an enormous range of plant and machinery from earthmoving and mining equipment to wineries, aircraft, processing and storage equipment, heavy haulage and transport of all kinds, charter and coastal vessels, printing presses, warehouse shelving, medical apparatus, family chattels, and much more.

We also take advice from a network of experts if need be.

Call us and let us know your particular needs.

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Q:   "How do I use your services?"

Businesses large and small, manufacturers, mining companies, industries of all sorts, federal, state and local governments, and individuals all use Machinery Valuations.

Organisations and individuals from all walks of life. People seek valuation for many reasons. It may be for establishing or dissolving a business, inventory management, financing or re-financing, preparation for auction, insurance or loss assessment, taxation, or for family law purposes.

The easiest and best way to find out what we can do to help is to telephone and talk through what you had in mind. You can find the contacts on the contacts page.

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Q:   "Can you do a valuation at . . . (place)?"

We service the Australian / NZ region reachable by reasonable means of transport — including capital cities in all states and territories, country towns, mine sites, and outback properties.

Talk with us about your location(s).

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Q:   "What will it cost?"

Every job varies, but be assured that we're about doing a professional job at a fair price.   Feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

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