About Us:

What We Do:

As certified valuers of plant and machinery we can provide itemised asset valuations across all value bases:

We provide valuation services across all states of Australia and in New Zealand.

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Specialist Valuer as part of the Team:

It often happens that you need valuations of property AND machinery. By all means, get the property valuer of your choosing for the property but, be aware, that most property valuers tend not to have deep expertise in valuing machinery. It is after all quite a specialised area, especially when it comes to different states and different countries.

Ask that we come onboard for the machinery valuation component. Our specialised knowledge of valuing plant and machinery can be invaluable as part of the team for small and large projects.

You'll particularly appreciate the value of our expert knowledge and diligence in the case of:

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Access to a Network of Experts:

Items such as antiques, jewellery, fine art, stamps, coin collections, and aircraft require specialised knowledge. In such cases we take advice from our network of expert contacts. For example, we act under advice from a qualified and licenced aircraft mechanical engineer (LAME) when valuing aircraft.

Having someone to coordinate access to experts within the trade means their expertise can be integrated seamlessly to meet your requirements — thereby saving you the sometimes substantial challenge and uncertainty of having to find the right person for particular items.

Knowing how to handle key items quickly and expertly can save you time, effort and money when you decide to engage us first.

So do discuss any special requirements with us. We are happy to talk it through with you.

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